BTCE for Kids

What is BTCE for Kids?

These are the English language tests designed by BTCE specifically for children aged 7-14.

How many levels are there?

The BTCE tests for young learners consist of seven levels: Pre-A1, A1, Pre-A2, A2, Pre-B1, B1 and B2

Are they aligned to a universal assessment system?

Each test is dedicated to assess English language competence at a certain CEFR level. Strictly aligned to this globally accepted framework, the BTCE tests give a much better insight into the learners’ capabilities, and helps position them on an easy-to-understand scale.

What are the basic specifications of the tests?

Each test consists of three sections: Listening, Reading & Writing, Speaking BTCE for Kids Test Specifications

When are the tests administered?

The tests are administered in April and May each year.

Where are the tests administered?

The tests are generally administered at schools where there are more than 50 candidates. Schools with fewer candidates take the tests in the nearest test centre.

When are the certificates delivered?

The results and certificates are sent to schools within 4-5 weeks.

What information is there on the certificates?

The score of the candidate in each section of the test is shown with badges. There are five badges and the bold ones show the candidate’s level of competence. Detailed test results are sent to schools to help them evaluate the students more carefully and benefit from possible washback.

What is the fee?

The fee for each level is GBP 35.