BTCE General (MSE)

The BTCE Mixed Skills Exam (MSE)


The internationally recognised BTCE Mixed Skills Exam is taken by English language learners throughout Europe and Asia. The MSE is suitable for all learners including school, college & university students and tests CEFR levels from A1 to C2. The MSE consists of four main sections which cover speaking, listening, reading & writing at all levels.

How to apply and the admission fee

Test takers can contact BTCE authorized offices or fill the online application form. The fee for the MSE is £90.

What to expect

The mixed skills exam is usually held over the course of a day, two sections are held in the morning and the remaining two are held in the afternoon. You will receive your examination time via email at least 14 days before your chosen date.

Main points of the MSE:




Words (approx.)



4 parts



60 min.

Reading and Use of English

5 texts



80 min.


2 tasks


70 min.


3 parts

11-14 min.

There is no pass or fail in the MSE. Candidates are graded using scores from 0 to 40 for each skill. Each skill is equally weighted. The individual results from the four skills are added to produce an overall score. A CEFR level is then assigned to the candidate’s overall score.

Please see some of the contents of the skills in the MSE below:

  • Listening: short conversations, mini-talks, longer conversations, news report interviews and talks, extended talks, extended conversations, extended radio interviews and talks.
  • Reading and Use of English: understanding high frequency, everyday vocabulary, recognising details, finding specific information, recognizing the purpose of a written text, understanding idioms, extracting specific information, identifying referents, recognizing the gist and the author’s opinion, identifying logical/illogical argument, understanding figurative uses and complex text featuring analysis, inferring author’s intention etc.
  • Writing: informal or semi-formal letter, discursive/argumentative essay.
  • Speaking: Introduction / breaking the ice, individual extended talk, interactive discussion.

How often does the examination take place?

The MSE is held by the authorized exam centres. You can take the exam either individually by booking your test or with a group of other test takers. There is no limit of candidates to take the test.

About the test results

The MSE test result is sent to your address or the test centre by the BTCE headquarters. The results are valid for two years from the date they are printed.



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