Language Portfolio

BTCE Language Portfolio

The BTCE ELP model for 18+ age group is registered by the Council of Europe Language Policy Division with the registration number 2013.R010.

This portfolio is especially helpful for both learners and teachers to determine which aspects of the language they need to improve in detail. There are 5 main sections of skills which are Listening, Reading, Spoken Interaction, Spoken Production, Writing. Students can keep record of and self-assess their own linguistic and intercultural development as well as planning their language learning by means of the items on each learning outcome (or language attainments). The portfolio also provides learners with ways of discovering their personal objectives in language learning and their language learning styles. All the descriptors can be applied to any spoken language in the world regardless of the alphabet and dialects. BTCE Portfolio has a bilingual use and is available in many languages. Please contact BTCE Headquarters for bilingual portfolios designed in your local language.

BTCE Portfolio is a life-long instrument of learners and with the online sharing module, learners can easily have their descriptors confirmed by authorized institutions and language teachers. Through their verified portfolio, learners are able to share their language background with third parties when they apply for a job or academic studies. You can register online on using your code card in your portfolio.

BTCE Language Portfolio is a good reference for learners who are interested in individual learning and enjoy self-studies.